1. A Sincere desire to change
  2. Open to instruction and correction
  3. You must make a 12 – 14 month commitment to complete the program

The residential Program is 12 -18 months long. However, the average stay for participants is 14 months.

No, Kingdom Men is a Christian residential rehabilitation program and not a medical, psychiatric, or psychological program. All applicants requiring detoxification must do so prior to entry.

We do not accept residents into our Program who are currently taking psychotropic medications. If applicants are on such medications, our policy prohibits participation in our program without detoxification and prior approval from a physician. If an applicant is incapacitated by his medication or the dosage he’s on, he may not be able to participate in the program.

Participants in our program will be assisted with their legal and court issues while attending Kingdom Men. We have developed a relationship with probation departments and will work with the legal system on your behalf.

We assist in the following ways:

  • We write letters to courts; probation/parole departments; and attorney offices on your behalf
  • Make calls to your attorneys, etc. to inform them of your attendance in program.
  • Provide regular updates and progress/urinalysis reports on your behalf
  • In some cases, we would transport you to your court hearings, probation/parole appointments…. This must be discussed and approved before entering our program.

Participants in our program will be assisted with obtaining their GED . In order to be eligible for the G.E.D. program, you will have to be in attendance for at least 120 days.

Due to community restrictions, we do not accept those who have a sex offense conviction into our residential program.

Participants in our program will be unable to continue their current job or obtain new employment while attending the program. Kingdom Men is a working program and full-time ministry, so each participant must understand that they would be required and expected to fully participate in our labor and vocational training platforms available.
Kingdom Men is a non-profit organization, and as such, we do not receive any government funding. Each participant will be expected to participate in various community service projects.
During your stay at Kingdom Men each resident will have various opportunities for job training and gainful employment through our partnerships with local business owners. Job placement timing will be at the discretion of the program managers and will be based on the clients work experience and overall program performance.